Tips for working with Ruffle Fabric

Here is just a few tips/tricks I want to share with you all on working with ruffle fabric!

Do not feel intimidated by using the ruffle fabric! It is super easy and once you know a few tricks, you will feel a lot better! To start, take a look at your ruffle fabric. If you lift one of the ruffles you will notice the two small 'pieces' of knit between the ruffles. One is more opaque than the other. When cutting you will be cutting between these two 'pieces'. Refer to pictures below:

Please notice the cutting line! The top of the fabric is the non-opaque darker color of the two. The piece that is more opaque is the bottom. Once you cut your
legging piece to the right length, you will have a ruffle, then when lifted you will
only have the 'opaque' piece underneath. There is no need to hem this piece. It is
made of knit and won't fray!
made by Leeloumade by Leeloumade by Leeloumade by Leelou


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