Camera Strap

I have really neglected this blog (along with my family blog) lately!

I have tons of things to post and add to my store, but it's the process of doing it that stops me :)

I actually made a new strap for my camera months ago and am now just posting it!
My old strap was very thin and flimsy and if you tighten one end and not the other, the padding in the middle would be off balance and the whole thing would be so uncomfortable!

I decided to make a fun, new cute strap. I dove into my fabric scraps and came out LOVING what I ended up with!
My husband doesn't like how 'girly' it is, but it's my camera so he deals with it! :) Now, if I wanted to make a new strap for our SLR camera, he would veto that idea in a second!

{For some reason the coloring in these pictures are very dull on my screen, I didn't mess with any of the coloring in photoshop! Just added my name! They are really a bright and fun combo of colors!}


Melissa said...

Very cute! I love how it turned out. When I get around to getting a new camera I will have you make me a strap. Since David can't run anything electronic I don't have to worry about it being girly!

megan said...

i've seen these all lover the net and loveeee them! love the colors you picked!

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