I have been just a little (okay, ALOT) m.i.a. when it comes to AJ's Bowtique blog.
My apologies.

It's not that I have been slacking in all things 'crafty' but it's almost an over-load of all things crafty.

Since starting to work at The Gathering Place, I have taken a little journey.

I have started writing patterns! It wasn't until I really started diving into the whole pattern process that I actually realized how much work goes into writing/creating a pattern!

Here is what I have done so far.....

This last one has been by FAR my best seller (and one of my FAVORITES!)

I have two more quilts that are complete, just needs to be written and I have been toying around with a few ideas for more items, but I haven't quite yet finalized them nor have I put any of them to the test of actually drawing up/putting it together.

Hopefully soon....

I have also found a new love....


I have absolutely LOVED sewing and creating with them!

I actually made my daughter's dress that she wore to the first day of pre-school (per her request!) .

Gotta love the 'sun in the eyes' picture! ;)
And you got to love Hello, Kitty (her back pack was also Hello, Kitty)

I am going to try this whole blog thing again.....hopefully this time it doesn't die off :)

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