"Stay Tucked" Little Boys Dress Shirt

If you know me personally you will know how O.C.D. I am.

For some reason, it drives me CRAZY when my cute little boy is as handsome as can be in his white dress shirt and tie as we are heading out the door to church and by the time we arrive his shirt is un-tucked in a sloppy mess.

In the past, I had purchased 'colored' or 'pattern' dress shirts from the store that is a dress shirt with a onesie bottom and I Liked them.

But I just LOVE a clean crisp white shirt!
So I made my son one :)

All Sunday long he can move as much as he wants....that shirt just isn't going to come un-tucked!

Enter one happy mama :) { I know I am weird....}

If an un-tucked shirt drives you crazy too, they are now available in my shop! Yay!

::Available HERE::

Belt from HERE: Worth every penny!

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