A Boy's Story

I have the privilege to work at The Gathering Place, located just a few short minutes from my home.
I have learned MOUNTAINS of information dealing with sewing.

I only work a few times a month, but being surrounded by all the other wonderfully talented women that work there has been awesome.

Another perk, that comes with the job is doing store quilts to display at the shoppe.
I came across "A Boy's Story" pattern book a while ago and just had to have the shoppe owner carry it in the shoppe

With being the one to find the cute pattern....all the way from Australia {!} ;)
I was the one that was in charge of picking out the material and making a quilt out of it! :)

Reveal time:

I spent ALOT of hours putting together this quilt!

Each block took on average 2-3 hours to complete. EACH BLOCK!

All the applique is hand turned, so there are no raw edges exposed. Then you add in the embroidery in most of the blocks. I put alot of time into this.

But after seeing the finished quilt, it was worth it.

A closer look at each block:

Planet Zark:

Sailboat, complete with an anchor:




Mr. Robot:

Fishes in the sea:


Cute little puppy:

I think the quilting on each quilt completes it. The {super} talented Bonnie at the shoppe quilted it for me and she did an amazing job! Look closely to the quilting around the robot! Then look at the cute sun around the dog block. You can't really tell in the pictures, but each block that has anything dealing with water, the quilting is wavy like waves! Fun huh?!??!

Of course, I LOVE minky material so the back is a fun turquoise/blue minky dot. Perfect for cuddling that sweet baby boy in. :)

I. Am. In. Love.

Now to move on to my next project.....

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Robnz Fam said...

Darling!!! SO SO cute!! Would you make another one of those? Or are you pretty much done with that project :0)? Good job though. You have a lot of patience with your sewing and crafts!

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