{Attn; Unclaimed Bow Giveaway Winners}

I have two winners from my giveaway that has yet to e-mail me your addresses!

Claudia J and April (April! You commented after you won, but I need your address!!!)

If I don't hear from you two by Sunday, Oct. 19th I will draw two different names as winners!

Better hurry!


Thanks for contacting me April!


Kristen said...

Alisha! I just got the bows in the mail today and they are ADORABLE. I love them, thank you!

And, my sister was so touched when I told her you sent some bows for her. The was the nicest thing, you are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much, again.


Kristen said...

P.S. I added the grab button to my blog just barely.

april said...

I sent out an e-mail right after the drawing, but maybe I had the address wrong I just sent another one let me know if it gets to you. I sent it to the E-mail address under contact me on the side of your page. thanks April

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