Cleaning House BOW GIVEAWAY!

In an effort to clean out my 'craft room' I am GIVING AWAY the bows that are just sitting there taking up space!!!

I have listed each bow in their own individual post. If you want to win, LEAVE A COMMENT on the bow/post that you want!


*Leave a comment for the bow you want.
*You can comment in ANY (or ALL) of the bow(s) that you want. Who knows, you may be the winner of more than one! :)
*You can comment AS MANY TIMES as you want.....must be an hour apart though! Any less than an hour apart, will be deleted.
*Giveaway ends: Next Wednesday Nov. 12th at 3:00 pm(MST)
*Winners will be announced later that night (12th)
*You are responsible for checking back to see if you won and contacting me if you did win! You will have until Friday (14th) to send me your address....no contact, no bow and another winner will be drawn!

Happy commenting! :)


Emilyjo said...

here's a question for ya- How do you organize Taylor's bows and hair things? I feel like Maddie's are everywhere and all mixed up and now I'm pulling out all the baby headbands and bows and I'm lost in knowing where to put them and how to organize them!
Let me know what good ideas you have! Thanks.

SAYDA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Berrybritt said...

I would love to win one of your bows. Any of them would be great. They are darling. I will check back to see if I win!!

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