Simplicity Quilt


This adorable quilt was the first (of many) that I made in preparation for the craft fair.

The day I took it into the quilter's, I was stopped by a young Mom wanting an opinion on some fabric. I am no pro.

I gave my two cents, but it went farther. The truth was revealed that the quilt I was holding in my hands was going to be sold, so she was so kind and bought it from me right then!

It's going in the mail tomorrow (she came down from the Boise area to the {WONDERFUL} "Gathering Place" shop here in town) so it's being sent her way.

I {LOVED} how it turned out....

Fabric: Simplicity by 3 Sisters
Pattern: Baby Mine by Thimble Blossoms


Melissa said...

Gorgeous! You are going to have to make me a new quilt! I love how this one turned out!

megan said...

you are one talented lady! makes me wish my sewing machine was still alive

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is fabulous! I can't wait to see more... I told my mom to check out the craft fair down there and buy me lots of stuff from you! Let me know when and where so I can send her, and maybe even come myself to check it out! Good-Luck!

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