Quilt for Jessie Jayne

My niece (she is two years younger than me) just had her {third} baby yesterday!

We had {BOTH} of our first two kids just months apart from each other, but I wasn't getting back on the train for baby #3 (not yet anyway! LOL)

I saw {this} baby quilt awhile back and I just knew that I had to make this for her baby girl, Jessie Jayne (LOVE the middle name! ;P) Right down to using the same fabric line!

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the quilting I did....I am totally in LOVE with my quilting frame....

The back, I just did a simple add in piece, but still turned out cute.

Congrats on Baby Jessie Jayne, Matt & Ashley! Can't wait to meet her in person!

Fabric: Aviary By 3 Sisters

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The Schmitt Family said...

That's a beautiful quilt. I'm sure she'll cherish it for years and years

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