Fabric Halloween Wreath

I have had a little break in the blogging world. Not because of 'lack' of getting things done, it's more like a HUGE OVERLOAD of getting things done that my whole life feels like I am running about 12 hours behind and I am barely putting a dent into my 'to do' list.

I did however have a semi-productive (& working later than usual) day yesterday so know my wheels are just spinning in place, not just STUCK in the mud! ;)

A couple weeks ago, I did make one more home decor project for my home.

A fabric Halloween wreath.
I have seen these all over the web and thought my back door needed a little something cute on it! :)

What you need:
5 fat quarters of fabric
Tulle (optional)
1 wooden embroidery hoop (mine cost me $1.87 at Kings!)

Cut your fabric strips into 1" strips. I just made a little snip at my 1" mark and then just tore the fabric, I wanted easy and a little torn look to my strips. I then cut each strip into thirds. So out of one strip I ended up with 3 pieces to tie onto my hoop.

I only used one of the two hoops (Now I have another hoop for another project!)

Start tying your knots! I did two double knots of the same fabric and pushed them really close together. I also added some tulle to my wreath. I love the look of tulle. :)

Keep tying until you cover the entire hoop! With all of my pieces of fabric cut, and my wreath nice and full, I still had TONS of pieces left! You could use one less fat quarter if you would like, but I like all the different colors that added to my wreath.

The door that I hung the wreath on has a big window and no place to hang a hook so the wreath would hang where I would like it to hang, so I added a 3M "Command Hook" onto the higher wooden part of my door and did one long loop of tulle to hang the wreath to.

Cheap, easy, cute decor!

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Jill said...

So cute and so my speed! I love it!

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