New Skirts {Made and Ready to ship}

Since my husband & I had my sewing room turned into our 'mock' photography studio, I took full advantage & took pictures of the rest of my skirts that were made & needing to be posted.

Then I forced myself to sit down this evening and get them all listed!

I have a few wrap skirts

And a few Ruffle & Twirl skirts.

All made & ready to ship to one lucky little girl :)


Nikkala said...

That's funny. I have ties made in the floral and the blue/red dot fabric that I haven't pictured or posted yet.

Anonymous said...


Lindsay Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Love your wrap skirt pattern and wrote about it on my blog today!

made by Leeloumade by Leeloumade by Leeloumade by Leelou


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