Opening Autumn

I hope you all had a {wonderful} Christmas!
We sure did!

Because I was so excited for Taylor to open Autumn I made sure the camera was ready to go when it came time to do so!

She {loved} her!

I love her expression, but as I was cropping the pictures I noticed her little brothers face! He was so excited for her! :)

First words out of her mouth, "It's the one I wanted!"
Doesn't help she would always see me working with pictures with cute little Autumn that she saw her a lot before Christmas morning, not knowing the pictures I was looking at were taken by me! :)

Welcome to the family Autumn

It didn't take long for Taylor to start trying on all the clothing included:

Ready to go to my family's Christmas lunch: both sporting the pigtails.......

I wish I would have had my camera at the lunch because Taylor barely put her down! She was walking all over the place, Autumn in tow.

She even went to church with us on Sunday.
Of course, her & Taylor matched. Good thing Taylor already had a ruffle skirt, or I think I would be down making her one in the next couple days......

Here's to the beginning of a beautiful relationship between girl & doll! :)

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