Tea Dye

I have heard a lot about using tea as a dye, but I have never tried it.

Last week I needed some tan/cream colored leggings for my daughter's new skirt. Well, the ivory I had was just too light!

So I grabbed my $2 dollar box of tea and went to work.

First I tried a sample and once I liked what I saw I did the main leggings.
Doing some 'google' searches a lot of people said not to pre-cut your fabric. They said to dye it then cut it.

Well, the ruffle fabric is $17/yard. I wasn't about to throw the whole yard in, so I just cut my leggings out like usual.
Then put that in the dye. I had no problems.

**Note: I let mine stay in the tea for about 12 minutes, stirring often. I later did some dye on a skirt lining and did the same method, only thing was with the lining I put the fabric in the dye then walked away to do something else. Came back and my fabric turned into a 'marbleized' piece :) Stay close and keep stirring! ;)**

Let air dry.

A little time + over night drying time= Perfect shade of leggings :)

They matched her skirt perfectly.....

So you are probably wondering why the post about tea dye?!?!?
Well, it's my way of saying that ruffle leggings now come in the color "Tan" just might take an extra day to get....you know, because they have to dry first :)

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