Baby Bracelets

I have had these baby bracelets since my craft fair booth almost one year ago!

They have just been sitting there, waiting to be listed.

Well, tonight instead of folding the four loads of laundry sitting on my bed (Very, very bad habit, especially with how OCD I am!) or packing for my weekend trip with my cute little family, I listed the bracelets!

But they are not in my etsy store.
I know, WHAT?!??!?

I started a Big Cartel store today also! I am such a dork!
But Big Cartel has a little more options that I like a little better. I am still going to keep my etsy store....just adding Big Cartel to it :)

Baby Bracelets:: Found HERE

Big Cartel shop:: Found HERE

Okay, I am off my computer to tackle my mountain of clothing...and to switch the laundry currently in the washer/dryer! HEHE

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jelly andrews said...

I really fell in love with these bracelets. These are really darlings. Did you make them yourself? What materials are those bracelets made of?

made by Leeloumade by Leeloumade by Leeloumade by Leelou


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