::Tulle Skirts::

I have some new fun skirts in the bigcartel shoppe. (Hopefully they will make it to the Etsy shoppe soon!)

I also made my daughter model one for me :)
She didn't want to cooperate very much....

We were @ Grandma's and she had cousins there to play with so she had 'better places to be'.
She pretty much RAN when I told her she was done & could go play...

I really {love} the simplicity & sweetness of this one:

Some of the tulle I found is so fun because it has 'sparkles' in it! Definitely a plus with my girly-girl!

I have a handful of colors that I am working on getting made and into the shoppe(s) soon. This week. :)

You can find all the tulle skirts here:

Have a Happy Tuesday!

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