::Thanksgiving Subway Art Wall Hanging:: A Tutorial

I came across this {super cute} Thanksgiving subway art and fell in love!
I downloaded it with a plan.... Did I mention it was FREE?!?!?

I soon started gathering my material to make this:

Want to see a better view?!??!

I needed to replace my current wall hanging anyway.......


1/2 yd. Muslin
2 Fat quarters (borders)
Subway Art
Inkjet paper (I got mine HERE)
Scraps for binding
Basting spray (optional. I get mine from Wal-Mart)

You will have to excuse my lack of pictures! My 'nap-time' crafting was limited today! ;)

All seams are 1/4".


*First, I reversed (mirror imaged) my Subway art in photoshop. Then printed it onto my inkjet paper.

*Cut my muslin piece 9"x11.5"

*Placed my subway art (artwork face down) onto my muslin & pressed. You need a nice hard surface. For me, the paper backing peels off easier if you peel it off while it is hot.

*Once my image was transferred, I made sure my piece was nice and square. If I was crooked just a tad, I squared it up.

*Add inside border. I cut my pieces 2" wide. For better instructions on adding borders view THIS tutorial. :)

*Next add outside border. My pieces are 4" wide.

*Baste/Quilt your wall hanging. I used the left over muslin for my backing. Again refer to this tutorial if you need help (I was really lazy today huh?!??!?) I also did 'stitch in the ditch' again. Once quilted I trimmed/squared up my hanging.

*Add hanging loops to back. From my outside border fabric I cut (2) 3" wide x 8" long.
Fold the fabric lengthwise right sides together. Use a 1/4" seam and stitch. I pressed my seam open. Then turned it right side out and pressed again.
Fold in half, forming your loop and place on the back side of your wall hanging, raw edges together. Measure in 2 1/2" and pin in place. Repeat with 2nd loop. Stitch in place using a 1/4" seam.

*Binding: I learned how to bind my quilts from HERE. It's a great tutorial. When you are attaching your binding keep your loops in the same downward position as they were when you attached them to the wall hanging. Please also note, I am one of those 'lazy' binding people. I attach my binding to the back, then flip it to the front and use my machine to finish it. I don't have enough patience to sit still long enough & do hand binding! ;)

You are done! This took me about an hour start to finish. Easy peasy.

Michelle over @ Bunch of Craft was nice enough to upload a reversed copy of her subway art for you all. Don't forget to send her some blog love. I wouldn't have a cute wall hanging if it wasn't for her! Thanks Michelle!


Michelle said...

LOVE it!

- Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

Beth- the mama bee said...

I made one after seeing yours. Thanks!
Here it is:

Quilt Inspiration said...

We just discovered this post - very creative ! We're planning to put a link on our sidebar so that readers can visit your site. Well done.

ldconti said...

Thank you so much for posting this pattern. You even went farther and posted the reverse picture of the words. What a wonderful thing to do for all of us! I love it!

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